RMSteck Photography | About

Influenced by a life-long love and respect for our natural world, my work focuses on the beauty of Alaska and the Canadian Arctic.  My approach to photography is founded on a practical understanding of my subjects and photographic technology. By returning to the same areas year after year I am able to get to know my subjects and capture special moments and connections.

I have worked with both digital and film formats and I use my knowledge as an award winning studio photographer  to capture connections in the natural world. My hope is that by capturing these moments and sharing the stories behind my images you will be able to connect with these amazing animals  as well as their environment. 

Teaching is also something I am very passionate about. I love working with people to help them create their own vision and capture it on film.   Sparking one's imagination and giving people a solid understanding of photography is something I enjoyed in our school district's  Science and Technology program for several years.  From photoshop and green screen work to developing film the two year program was an amazing opportunity for students to grow and develop their artistic and technology skills. 


My images have been featured by Canadian Geographic, Outdoor Photographer, Travel Manitoba, BBC Earth, Discovery, National Geographic, Nature’s Best Photography,  NANPA, The Boston GlobeThe Atlantic, as well as other international publications.