Influenced by a life-long love and respect for our natural world, Ruth has been photographing distinct images of wildlife with an emphasis on Alaskan Bears for years.  Her approach to photography is founded on a practical understanding of her subjects and photographic technology, which helps her convey her personal vision of the beauty she finds in nature. Following many of the same bears from year to year allows her to get to know her subjects and their stories.


Working with both digital and film formats Ruth has a highly creative approach capturing her subjects’ personality and spirit while including the stunning landscapes and backdrops where they live.


Ruth enjoys sharing her experiences with others and also teaches children how to create their own vision and capture it on film. Sparking their imagination and giving them a solid understanding of photography is something Ruth finds extremely rewarding.


Ruth’s images have been featured by National Geographic, Nature’s Best Photography,  NANPA, The Boston GlobeThe Atlantic, as well as other international publications.